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Eric Von Jares

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Helping Valuable People Share Their Value

Methods To Success

  • Personal Brand Strengthening
  • Focusing on Accomplishments
  • Winning Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Effective Marketing Techniques
  • Success-Driven Search Methods
  • Newfound Passion & Direction
  • Impressive Interviewing Skills
  • Increased Confidence & Motivation
  • Developing A Vision & Master Plan 

What We Can Do For You

Find your passions that can provide career fullfillment and life satisfaction.  Implement positive self talk to replace old thoughts of lack and limitation.  Turn every situation/problem into an opportunity to shine.

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Standing Out in a Crowd

Learn from real-world, practical advice on making yourself known in a positive way, and standing out in the crowd.  Let others see how unique and memorable you are as you share your value to employers by either saving them money or creating revenue.  Others will appreciate your experience and ability to collaborate closely with them on implementating your ideas and recommendations.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Provided a 12% profit increase from previous management by marketing and establishing new institutional accounts.
  • Managed direct reports of up to 40 associates which included hiring, training, evaluating, coaching and transitioning
    employees.  Turnover rates decreased 34%
    over previous management team.
  • Earned Master’s degree within one year which was funded 100% by working full-time while maintaining a 3.74 GPA.
  • Completed special assignments on inventory
    phase-outs, unallocated materials, and obsolete inventory saving the company
    $1,500,000 in write-offs by reworking parts.
  • Published in national markets on topics of business, self-improvement, and personal experience as a freelance writer.
  • Recognized nationally for achieving Highest Field Metrics, Highest Customer Satisfaction, Outstanding Leadership Skills, Outstanding Field Training Support.
  • Led nation in an 18% improvement of sales in electronics by developing store personnel on educating the customer on product
    functionality and reliability.
  • Audited 37 District stores for discovery of
    fraud, improvement of operations and training support to the field.  Reduced measurable employee fraud by 31%
    within 4 months. 
  • Finalist in Siena International Playwrights Contest for the stageplay "Sunshine."

Author of this empowering eBook

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Eric Von Jares

Eric is the founder of Starshine Solutions where he uses his operations expertise helping small business owners achieve their goals.  After attaining a graduate degree in business management at age 21, he has had diverse experience as a hiring manager for Fortune 500 companies for over fifteen years, an entrepreneur, and a professional writer where his work has appeared in publication such as Parents and The Saturday Evening Post.   He is a former chapter officer of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).  Eric is a proponent of the New Thought movement and encourages others to pursue their dreams by offering practical advice.  This Ohio native resides in Texas with his wife and daughter, and enjoys visiting his sons in Colorado. 

This potentially life changing eBook is now available at Amazon, Smashwords, and other online outlets including Sony, Diesel & the Nook.  Click on the book  directly above to order at Amazon.

Future Projects

Using LinkedIn to Find the Work You Love

Journey of A Romantic: The Lost Art of Poetry

Find The Work You Love: Workbook Edition

Doing The Work You Love: Freelance Style

   Future projects on hold while recovering from brain surgery like fellow survivors Mary Tyler Moore and Mark Ruffalo.